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Using the tag system on Pixel Perfect up-front will remind you of most catalogue websites or more specifically in the roleplay community, the system being most noticed on Face in the Crowd. To get started, let's go over what the tags do. When you post, using a variety of tags helps you individualize the content you're posting and index it for better searching purposes. This not only helps people who use your resources but for browsing purposes. For instance, the casual browser might want to find dark, small, multi-plotters versus a light large tracker.
With that in mind, you might want to already get started tagging your own content. This is extremely easy. When posting your thread, you can put whatever comments you want but to tag, you must use the [#] bbcode next to the tags you're adding on. Being specific is important. For example, [HASH]darkplotter would indicate you're posting a dark plotter versus [HASH]dark [HASH]plotter which puts you in the general broad categories to your content.



Now that you know how to post with tags, the next is searching for them. To search for tags within the boards, you must use ProBoards' search function while entering the tags inside the "with all the words" field. So if you were searching for a #multiplotter #darkplotter, you would search the following, without spaces in the brackets:
[ # ]multiplotter [ # ]darkplotter

- #multiplotter[break]
- #lightplotter[break]
- #darkplotter[break]

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